So, I made it home in time to see the winner of “Dancing with the Stars” crowned.  I’m glad.  I would have hated to miss that after watching the show for the whole season.  I’m not surprised that Kristi won – she is excellent!

Anyway, this seminar tonight was very interesting.  Our local law enforcement and first responders are being trained for how to deal with people with disabilities, particularly autism, and tonight they opened his presentation up to the community for further education.  It was mostly parents and teachers there tonight, but the presenter made some excellent points – things you wouldn’t normally have teach to neuo-typical children.  It was another eye-opening, extremely useful seminar.  I hope that more and more communities will get this type of training for their first responders!  The presenter had a focus on “wanders,” too.  That’s so Christian, and Brian and I are constantly concerned about that.  One of these days the doorknob covers aren’t going to be enough anymore and we need to have some tools in our belt to help him.  (Well, and ourselves so that we are not termed “irresponsible parents.”  It can happen when your child escapes.)  Anyway, I’m so glad that I went.  It is always so good to get more ideas for how I can make life better for Christian, and, well, all of us.