Bummer…I have been an avid fan of “Dancing with the Stars” since season #1.  I love it!  I have taken ballroom/Latin dancing class in the past and have thoroughly enjoyed it.  Dancing just makes me happy and watching my kids dance is awesomely hilarious!!! 🙂  Unfortunately tonight I will miss the finale.  I mean, I think it will be well worth it to miss (free-autism safety seminar in town – tonight only!), but I have been eagerly waiting to see who will win.  (I personally think it should be Kristy – she has been the best all season, with Christian in second.)  Anyway, I will have to have Brian watch it for me.  (Ha ha!)  He is planning on staying home with the kids (because he has a hard time staying awake for this stuff at night after going to work at 4am).  Maybe Olivia can get him to watch it – she loves the “dancing princesses” and dances along with them.  (She is also pointing out “Tom!  There Tom!” whenever he appears on the show, which is why both of the kids also like AFV so much.)