Brian and I decided to take the kids to Lakeside Park again today.  It’s a really nice park with lots of different climbing/sliding areas based on age and a couple of large soccer fields all in the same area.  The kids love to go there and run (and it’s a blast to watch them).  Christian was off running in the soccer fields (he usually does this after being at the park more than five minutes) with Brian in tow.  I was hanging with Olivia back by the playground area.  She complained that she wanted me to push on her belly.  After a few minutes, that passed and she wanted to swing.  She was having a great time until I looked at her backside and realized that there was poo all over her back and all over the toddler swing.  I scooped her up quickly and ran for the van, a little embarrassed that I left a poopy swing behind, but I could only deal with one mess at a time, right?!?  I started changing Olivia and realized I had no other clothes along for her.  Ooops!  Remembering that mt cell phone was in the car, I called Brian and had him come back to clean up the swing while I continued to try and get an angry toddler cleaned up and strapped in her carseat.  (Thankfully Christian was ready to leave, too!)  I know, another blog about poop, but hey, it happens, right?!? 🙂

And the kids even took decent naps this afternoon.  What else can I ask for???