The above is a comment I hear a lot from Olivia during the day now.  She now has Christian’s fever, too.  (Which he still has apparently – it spiked again about 7:30 last night after not showing itself all day!)  She had been sleeping horribly all night.  (Meaning, of course, not much sleep for the mama!)  She had woken up around 12:30am just sweating – it took Brian and I both to get her out of her favorite sweatsuit – & I slipped her some fever reducer and the two of us went to sleep in Christian’s room (because he was sleeping on her mattress in the living room).  After sudo-sleeping for awhile, I woke to the sound of vomitting followed by the words, “Owwie poopie!”  Which means, “Mama, push on my tummy while I try to get something out!!!”  So I lifted her onto the bathroom counter, where it is much easier for me to give her the counter-pressure that she needs, and had to assist her in getting everything out.  Wow!  She must feel SO much better!  I couldn’t believe what I saw!  She immediately went from her horrible screaming voice to her pleasant little lady voice asking for her “Minn Mose shirt (Minnie Mouse).”  I am SO looking forward to her visit to the constipation clinic at Children’s Hospital in June.  Hopefully they will be able to offer her some relief from her terrible constipation problems.  I’m curious to see if her fever subsides now and if Christian’s stays away.  (I have to say that I’m not feeling the best at the moment, but cleaning up vomit, being the poop assistant, and drinking too much coffee yesterday, and then not sleeping much last night is probably not helping.  I just hope I don’t get what they are having!)  I’m thinking, too, that if Olivia got the fever as well that we can rule out Christian’s vaccinations as the cause and chalk it up to germ-sharing at school.  Yum!!!

You know you are up too early (or stayed up too late) when you go from absolute silence to the chorus of birds in the tree outside your window!  It’s very nice and wonderful to listen to, but that only reminds me of the fact that it’s been a LONG night and I think we are going to have a LONG day and as much as I don’t feel like sleeping right now, it would probably be in my best interest to try – right after I put the sheets in the dryer. 

Life as a parent is never dull, is it?!?