The rezoning meeting went well last night and we now have a piece of land that we can build on.  Just waiting for an estimate from a stick builder.  We are hoping to have that by the end of the week.

Well, Christian’s fever came back yesterday evening.  (Back to 101.5!)  Poor guy!  He gets so wiped out when he is not feeling well.  (He’s actually napping now.  Even tucked himself in today.  I found him after he had fallen asleep.)  Wondering if this is a side effect from his vaccinations last week???  He only had two broken down shots, but they always seem to make him sick on some level.  I sent him back to school this morning because he didn’t have a fever and looked bored at home.  He had a hard day (separating from a favorite thing he had taken to school).  Hopefully he will continue to start feeling better soon!

Olivia and I visited with our pastor’s wife and kids this morning.  It was nice to have an adult conversation (with coffee) during the day!  Olivia was pretty shy when we got there, but must have warmed up eventually because she was bossing the kids around before we were leaving.  I think she is going to be quite the handful! 

Working on getting some services for Christian lined up for the summer.  He has an OT evaluation on Monday.  Hopefully she will be able to help him (and us) with some of the sensory problems that he is currently having!  We are also getting some respite help during the summer.  I’m not sure how often that will be yet, but hoping that can help with some safety and self-help issues.  I was also able to get him into an aquatics playgroup class that I can attend with him.  That will be nice because the two of us really don’t get to spend much time together by ourselves. 🙂

Olivia is trying to make me smell her stinky feet now.  Pewwww… I better go!