Have you ever seen the episode of Seinfeld where George is trying to stay calmer by repeating the affirmation, “Serenity now,” in a calm voice during stressful situations and by the end of the show he is screaming, “SERENITY NOW!!!” If you know that episode, you would understand how I felt a couple of hours ago. Brian was at a rezoning meeting for some land that we are hoping to build on, so I was watching the kids. Things were going along and we hit the seven o’clock hour. Christian was getting pretty tired since he didn’t sleep so well last night and had some of his melatonin already, but he just started throwing things at me (like his shoes, full bottles of juice, books, etc.) all because I wouldn’t let him stand in the refrigerator and continuously rearrange everything inside. So, I was just trying to remain calm and give him a big bear hug, hoping the pressure would be relaxing to him. Not so much. Once I let him go, because he kept slapping me in the face, he ran around the table knocking over all of the chairs and making this VERY strange frustrated sound. I’ve never heard him make that noise before. Then he ran over and just plowed Olivia into the floor and when she started crying, pushed her down again. Ahh!!! So I comforted her and sat down on the floor between the two. Then the hitting of the mama started again, so back to the bear hug, which seemed to help for a few minutes, until Brian walked in and bam! – started right in with the slapping on the face. I put him in his room for a couple of minutes to give both of us a break. He was mad that he was in there, but seemed to calm down, so after the minutes were up I opened the door to find him running around with his pants off and piles of poop all over the floor again! (He did this same thing a week ago and yesterday pooped in the tub.) Ack! At least Brian was home, so he put Christian on the toilet to finish and then get cleaned up, while I armed myself with household cleaners, gloves, and a trash bag to clean his room. Yuck! (But I have to say that it was not nearly as bad as the last one in his room, which took two loads of laundry to clean up; and not nearly as bad as when he used to shmear it all over everything, including his mouth!!!) Now I know why he was acting out. He always gets a little more hard-to-handle before he has to have a big poop. He was hungry then and polished off two pieces of toast while falling asleep on the couch. What a night!!! (And yes, the first part of the rezoing passed. I guess that there is a second meeting in two weeks for a final voting.) I hope that everyone sleeps well tonight and that we don’t have any big poop mishaps tomorrow!