Christian is four today! And I guess, appropriately, he got up at 4am. Brian was getting ready to go to work then, so we gave Christian his special birthday balloons (mylar Blue’s Clues & Nemo) and told him, “Happy Birthday!” To which Christian replied, “PARTY!” He has continued with that responce everytime that someone has said, “Happy Birthday, ” so far. He is so funny! I hope that our day continues to go as well. Since he was up so early this morning, I’m hoping that he will maybe nap this afternoon. (I’m hoping Olivia will, too.) I would like to clean up the living room area before Brian’s parents come over tonight. I know they don’t really care how messy our place is (they are very understanding that way), but I care that I don’t look like a slob!

Olivia’s been tantruming since leaving the doctor’s office this morning. (I had labwork done for my hypothyroidsim.) Just screaming and dropping. She’s sleeping now, so I don’t know if she was just tired yet, just being two, or if she has something more serious going on with her again. I hope she wakes in a better mood or we are going to have one LONG day!