So, it’s been awhile. Sleep, while still happening, seems to be an every two night deal. Two nights of good sleep, two nights of bad sleep. And Christian’s sleep is always better when I fervently pray for Christian’s good sleep before I turn in for the night. This just proves again that nothing is too small to bring to God in prayer!

I am grateful for the nice weather that we have had lately! It is funny to think about the fact that 60 degrees in Wisconsin seems SO much warmer than 60 degrees in Florida! All winter I was missing the winter of Florida. I missed being able to take my daily walks with the kids (and put on the weight with that, too). I missed the warm sunshine. So it’s been great to have the warmer temperatures and sunny weather over the last couple of weeks. The weather people are talking about possible snow this weekend. Oh, please, NO! I finally got Christian to wear a spring jacket. Hopefully the cooler weather won’t hang around too long!

Brian and I are getting a second opinion on our possible modular home building project tomorrow. We have been having a hard time getting answers from the builder we have been trying to work with, so he found another builder out of Neenah who also builds Wick homes. I hope they will be a better fit for us.

Olivia has been having repeat constipation issues, so she is being referred to a pediatric GI doctor. Hopefully he will be able to help her. I think that many of her tantrums stem from stomach/intestinal pain and there is not much that I can do to help her when she is screaming like that! We pray that her GI tract starts working better soon!