Happily Christian slept for eight hours again last night. Unfortunately, he started that sleep at 5:30pm. Yikes! We have to work on that one yet! I was so no ready to get up at 1:30am! (I think that it will be a coffee morning!) I was so tired that I started dozing at 4am while he was watching the commentary about the making of the Bee Movie. (We had rented it for the week – pretty cute movie.) Anyway, he was waking me every few minutes so that I could push the button on the remote to start the next section. I was so glad when he fell back to sleep at 5:30!!! I still feel like I haven’t slept all night. I’m hoping for a possible nap later today!

HBO is currently showing a documentary called “Autism: the Musical.” I watched part of it on the web page. It is very interesting and seemed very real as to what some families affected by autism go through on a daily basis. I keep hoping that I’ll connect with someone I know who has HBO who could tape it for me. I would like to watch it all the way through sometime.

Olivia has her two-year-old well check-up this week. She is not going to be very happy that it is vaccination time again. (I imagine that this is the face she will make it me!) She is still pretty far behind on her vaccinations and probably will be for awhile because we are breaking some of the combined vaccinations into their separate components and then only doing two of those at a time. I’d rather be cautious and not have to wonder again if I could have prevented something from happening to my child! Christian has more lovely shots coming up at the end of April, we are planning to resume his vaccinations with the same kind of idea. We are just so fortunate that we found a doctor who doesn’t think that we are totally crazy and will back our concerns by taking everything nice and slow…