Sleep has happened the last three nights! That is so amazing! Christian was up by 4am this morning, but I couldn’t complain considering he had gone to bed around 6pm. We are praying that this new sleeping schedule will start becoming more of a norm. (Maybe not going to bed at 6pm, but sleeping for 8 hours! How great would that be!!!)

Things are hopefully starting to come together for getting into a home of our own. We were approved for a loan yesterday with terms that we can’t beat anywhere! It sounds like we have a piece of land available for us just down the road from the Haack family farm. Then Brian could walk or ride his bike to the farm most days. That would be nice! Anyway, we are looking at the possibility for putting up a modular home on this land. Nothing too big and fancy, but big enough that the kids can each have their own rooms. (And we can have our room back to ourselves.) The exciting thing about this is that it could happen pretty quickly all of the sudden and we could be getting into the home by the beginning of summer. That would be SO wonderful! We will be praying that everything works out this time!

We just received Christian’s evaluation report in the mail (the state conducted testing with us at the end of January for placement in the waiver program). It was a little dishearting to read that he would now be classified as having “severe autism.” After mourning that “label” for a few days and contemplating what the future might hold for him, I gave up thinking about that. Each and every day is so different and unpredictable. How can I manage to tell myself what he will be capable of in ten years when I can tell myself what he is capable of in ten minutes. What a HUGE reminder again that God is in control, not me as much as I would like to be.