The email I sent to our family and friends when this unfortunate event took place before I got into blogging…
I just had to write and let you all in on a somewhat funny story about the untimely “death” of someone very important in our family.
If you haven’t heard, Brian is doing dairy farming with his family, so is not home until 8pm-ish.  Anyway, this leaves me to tend to getting the kids prepared for bed most evenings.  I don’t mind, but sometimes this means that Christian has to entertain himself while I put Olivia down some nights. 
Most of you are probably familiar with the Fisher-Price “Little People.”  Christian has decided that these are his “security blanket,” especially since we moved up from Florida.  (We were actually quite happy about this new security measure – his last one was an unopened bottle of pear juice that had to go everywhere with us – and if it was not found in bed with him upon waking in the middle of the night, one of us would be up for hours dealing with that wrath.)  Anyway, now he always has to have four people with him at all times (again in bed too) and Noah (from the ark playset) was the one constant that he had.  Well, I was putting Olivia to sleep and Christian was happily playing with his people in the other rooms (his bedroom and in the bathtub – no water, just likes to sit in there sometimes).  All of the sudden, I heard the toilet lid drop.  No good can come from that!  Thankfully Olivia was now sleeping, so I dashed in to see if the people were getting swimming lessons in the “pool.”  Well, it was going a little further than that.  Christian was up to his shoulder in the toilet water with all four people shoved in as far as humanly possible.  I grabbed the plunger, but could only retrieve two of his people after 15 minutes of vigorous plunging.  Unfortunately, Noah and another lady were lost at sea – permanently!  The next few days, no people were carried with him and I was dragged to the bathroom door every half hour in an attempt to find Noah.  (Bathroom door is now secured with doorknob covers and a lock on the toilet in the bathroom!)  Thankfully, after contacting the Fisher-Price company I was able to purchase a backup Noah.  He came yesterday.  I have never seen anyone so incredibly happy to see someone else.  Christian’s head of security is now back in action!  (As for the “mistress” that was flushed with Noah – she will not be replaced.  Noah and his wife have now been reunited!)  Everything is good in the world again!  🙂
Just thought that I would share this adventure.  I makes me laugh now.  I hope it can bring you some joy, too!