Thought I’d give this a try while the kids are actually playing nicely together…

We have been going through a sleep deprivation period again. During the last few weeks, Christian has been getting up super early. (Sometimes as early as midnight!) Occasstionaly he will go back to sleep, but some days I have to send him to school with as little as four hours of sleep. We are thankful that the guy who was renting the apartment downstairs moved out a little over a month ago, so at least we are not disturbing him by all of the running, jumping, and happy screaming/singing. Olivia still isn’t quite making it through the night either, but alot of that has to go back to the noise level in the apartment over night. (We have thought about buying the gift of earplugs for our other neighbors. Thankfully no one has complained yet!) We are hoping to get into a home of our own, so that we don’t have to be concerned about our noise levels at all hours of the day! I am hoping that some day I will get out of the “baby fog” part of my life and be able to actually have a clear coherent thought soon.

Olivia is two weeks away from turning two. Wow, how time flies! She is getting so big and can be very helpful around the house when she wants to be. She is looking forward to going to school like her big brother. I hope that she still feels that way in a year when she is old enough to go to preschool.

Christian has made some big strides in trying to use words to communicate this year. He had about ten words at the beginning of the school year and he now has a couple hundred that the people close to him can understand. He recently completed testing to be placed on the waiting list for the state’s home-intensive program. Thankfully he qualified for the program, although after reading through the evaluation report we were a bit surprised that he fell into the “severe autism” catagory (even if it was just by a couple of points). The waiting list for this program is about a two year wait right now, but our county care coordinator thinks that she may be able to find him some assistance in the mean time, even if it is just a few hours a month. Right now, anything would help! I wish there were some easy answers to some of the recent problems that we have been having…sometimes things just aren’t as easy to “fix” as it seems it should be. He is so cute though, and has started smiling and saying “cheese” when the camera comes out. That is a big step for him and now we have some super cute pictures of our handsome little man.

Anyway, the kids actually let me type for quite awhile, so I better go before this contentment fades… (spell checker not working today and I only had four hours to sleep so I apologize for any mistakes!!!)