My Dearest Christian–

Wow!  How big you’ve gotten.  You no longer look like a baby, but more like a little man!  You are growing so quickly — time certainly does fly! 🙂

We have started taking you to a new pediatrician.  She seems to know exactly what she is doing and has many ideas of things that we can try.  Currently we are going to put you back on the no gluten diet (no what, rye, oats, barley, etc.) and adding additional supplements.  Those aren’t always your favorite and have become a huge frustration between the two of us this week.  I hope that you can get over that and there won’t be that rift between us.  I hope that you can start understanding that we aren’t trying to hurt you, but help you to reach your full potential in the midst of all of your challenges.

Christian, we love you so much and only want the best for you.  I hope that you’ll always know that deep in your being!  🙂

You have started to use markers now — we use special ones that mark on mirrors.  You love to draw while looking at yourself.  You just love to look at yourself!  So funny.  🙂  I love you, my little man!

All my love, Mommy