Dearest Olivia–

It’s hard to believe that you are two weeks old already!  I can’t hold you enough and look into those beautiful blue eyes.  🙂  It is wonderful to finally be able to get to know you after carrying you inside of me for so long.  What an honor that was!  And what a miracle you are!  Daddy and I are so blessed to have you here in our lives.  In a couple of days, you will be baptized – what a HUGE day in your life — you will become a child of God!!!  Uncle K and Uncle R are going to be your godfathers.  (You should be a very protected  little girl with two godfathers!  🙂 )  You make me so proud already!  I love you, Olivia!  🙂  (Please don’t grow up too fast!)

All my love,  Mommy