My Dear “Peanut”–

You grow every day into an even more active boy!  You certainly keep me running!  🙂  After Olivia is born, maybe that will help me lose the baby weight.  🙂

You are definitely a “Florida boy.”  Now that you have figured out how to get your socks and shoes off — it is extremely difficult to keep them on you anymore.  I think you’d probably take your pants off, too, if you could figure it out.  (I’m guessing that won’t be too far away, though!)

Daddy and I had a developmental test done for you a week and a half ago.  The specialists are saying that you have developmental delays associated with Autistic Spectrum Disorder.  We are able to help you “catch up” by bringing therapists (speech and behavioral) into our home to work with you and me.  They will teach me how to help you to grow and flurish.  I’m excited to learn how to better help you.  🙂  My heart overflows with love for you, my son.  I love to watch you succeed and learn new things!

We are also moving soon.  I know this is the only place you’ve known as home, but we are selling to payoff some debt and get into an apartment that will offer us a little more room.  Eventually, you will be sharing a room with Olivia.  Sorry that we can’t give you your own room yet, but hopefully our future will allow for that.  This will give the two of you plenty of bonding opportunities.  🙂

Well, my son, nap well and know that I will always love you no matter what!  Jesus loves you, too!  🙂

All my love,  Mommy