My Dearest Christian–

You are getting so BIG!   It’s hard to believe that you are almost 18-months old already.  🙂  You are a busy little man, who doesn’t like to take the time to rest.  (During the day, but especially at night.)  You have so much to explore and/or climb.  One of your favorite things to do lately has been to constantly open and close the cupboard doors and drawers in the kitchen and bathrooms.  At least, you usually don’t empty them yet!  🙂

We have put you on a dairy-free diet to see if that helps you out.  It has had its challenges so far, but you seem to have adapted well for now. 🙂  We’ll have to see what the doctor says about all of this when we see her on Monday.  (Yes, a new doctor, and she’s a lady.  We’ll have to see what you think!)

I love you, my son!  I pray that you nap well this afternoon.  🙂

All my love, Mommy