My Dear Little Man–

I love you!  You are funny and seem to be able to sense when I am not well.  The two nights in your life that I have been extremely sick — you have slept through the night.  It’s amazing that you just seem to know that and since I have been feeling somewhat better, you are back to your old habits of still getting up a couple of times a night.  I look forward to the day when you make it a habit of actually sleeping through the night again.  I have forgotten what a full night’s sleep is like!  🙂  As I write this — you have stirred in your crib and started crying — again, with your ability to sense things, huh?!?  I wonder if that will stay with you as you grow and will be able to use that talent when you are older.  The future holds so much for you, my son, if you use the gifts that Lord has given to you!  You are an amazing gift that God has given to your father and me!  We love you so much.  Please don’t ever doubt our love for you, but even more importantly, don’t ever doubt the love of the Father above!  His love for you is beyond words.  Let him work that faith that is planted in your heart.  He will always be there for you even if the world turns it’s back on you and you feel as though you are all alone.  Trust in Him, son.  Trust in Him!

I love you and must sleep.  I am exhausted.  🙂

Al my love, Mom