My Dearest Christian–

We have been on the road for nearly two weeks now.  It is interesting to watch how you react to different situations and/or people.  You have been very interested in cousin, JKJ, this week since she can show you how to do things that you haven’t even begun to think about doing yet.  I wonder what sort of new habits you will go home with from her?!?  🙂

Daddy and I caved in and got a portable DVD player for our long trip.  I’m not sure what kind of technology you will have by the time you are reading this, but it was well worth the investment.  You could watch your “Baby Einstein” movies and we could continue driving without you making too much of a fuss.

We made it to Wisconsin in 26 hours (including our stops)!  Thank you for being such a good traveler!  🙂

As in the words to one of your lullabye songs, “Peace be still.  The Lord is near!”  Sleep well, my child.  We love you.  🙂

All my love,  Mommy