My Dear Christian,

It’s amazing to be thinking back a year to when you were born.  One year ago, today, at 9:30 in the morning, my labor pains started.  They were pretty far apart until after I took a shower at noon, then they were right about 4-8 minutes apart.  Daddy called after he was done with school to tell me that he was going to stay and help take down the stage from “Entertainment Night,” but instead he came home when he found out that things were moving along.  Just before we were about to leave for the hospital, the painters (painting our condo) broke the water main in the backyard — flooding ours and many of the neighbors’ yards, too.  Contractions were now consistently 4-5 minutes apart, so we needed to get started to the hospital.  (About a 45-60 minute drive!)  The doctors admitted me to the hospital right away — the contractions were now coming in pairs — “coupling”.  There were some complications with the labor — you never dropped, your heart rate would either speed way up or slow down too much with each contraction, so after a long night of starting and stopping my labor three or four times, everyone thought it would be best to take you through c-section after 20+ hours of labor.  In the end, it was good to have made that decision — your head was stuck in the birth canal and further pushing could have given you a lifelong disability.  You were a healthy boy though.  I was so happy to hear your arrival cry — so happy to finally meet you after carrying you around for so long.  It was love at first sight!  You are a blessed gift from God and tomorrow we get to celebrate how God placed you into our lives!  What a wonderful and adventurous year it has been!  I look forward to all of our years that lay ahead and pray that God will bless that time as well!  🙂

I love you, my sweet son!  Rest at peace with God tonight.  Happy birthday!  🙂

All my love,  Mommy