My Sweet Baby,

What a rough day we’ve had!  My dear child, it pained me so much to really see you bleed for the first time tonight!  You were carrying around a regulation size volleyball in Daddy’s classroom tonight and walked right into one of the desks — hitting it face first with your nose and mouth.  You screamed and bled!  The noise of you hitting that desk still makes me squirm and the sound of your cry made my heart ache wanting to take away your pain.  I hope that you will feel better tomorrow and not have a big bruise on your face.  (There is quite a red mark under your nose right now!)

You were a bit of a bully at playgroup today — hitting, pushing, and throwing mini-tantrums when you couldn’t get what you wanted.  I hope that we can work on that and get you over it soon, especially your aggression towards others.  I’d hate to see that in you when you’re older.  You’re already too strong for your own good!  (I’ve noticed you’re more aggressive and whiny when you are tired.)

Sleep well, my child.  May God bless you as you sleep tonight!

All my love, Mommy