My Dearest Christian,

You are a pretty proficient walker these days.  You are a handful to hang on to when you are sitting on my lap because you’d rather be walking around exploring.  You love to walk outside and pick up leaves off the sidewalk.  It’s so fun for me to watch you learn as you explore God’s creation!  🙂

You have your four front top teeth coming in all together now.  I wish that they didn’t hurt so much coming in!  I wish that I could take your pain for you — unfortunately, I can’t, but I pray that they poke through soon and stop bothering you so much!

You love basketballs right now.  The small basketball that Daddy and I gave you for Christmas you have been carrying around all over the house for the last couple of days.  The way you lug that around you look like you are a couple of years old!  You are growing up so quick, my son!  Oh, how I love you!

Love deeply, my son!  May God richly bless you all the days of your life and my He give you the wisdom to see everything He puts in your path as a blessing from Him.  They may not always appear that way at the time, but in hindsight the picture usually becomes much clearer.  🙂

All my love,  Mommy