My Dear Christian,

You are becoming more and more sure in your walking these days.  You are so funny — you walk for a number of steps then fall on your bottom and then smile and clap your hands.  You are wonderful!  🙂

Your carseat was turned around this week so that it now faces forward.  You can actually see where we are going now when we are driving and also stretch out your long legs.  You seem to like it during the day, but aren’t too sure about it at night yet — but you never did like the dark much in the car anyway.

Your nasty cold is still hanging on, so your sleeping habits have gotten pretty bad.  Soon we will need to start working on that again.  I just wish you would sleep through the night on your own again.  That would be the easiest on all of us!

You surely are a gift from God!  We love you so much.  🙂

All my love, Mommy