Dearest Christian,

Tonight, I pray that you are near the end of the double ear infection that started a week ago.  It hasn’t been much fun for either one of us!  What a way to celebrate your 9 month “birthday”!  😦

The doctor says that you are topping the charts with your height — you are up to 31″ — past the 99th percentile — you are my big little man!  You have also been working on your walking in the last couple of days.  You are now walking from one piece of furniture to the next and to Mommy or Daddy or hippo (your stand-behind push-walker).  My guess is by next week Saturday you’ll be walking if you keep up the pace that you’ve been moving at up ’til this point.  What exciting times!  🙂

Goodnight.  Sleep tight!

All my love,  Mommy