My Dearest Son,

I love you!  You will never cease to amaze me!  You are continually figuring our something new about the world everyday — it is so awesome to try and see the world through your eyes (and so exciting, too)!

Last time I wrote I told you how Dad and I met and fell in love.  I pray for a love like that for you someday, son!  I found the qualities that I was looking for in your father without having to change my expectations.  Set your standards high when looking for your wife and then do not bend on the most important points.  Look for a woman with a faith firmly planted in the Lord — please, do NOT compromise on this — it could be a matter of eternal life or death!  Find someone with a compassionate heart and an honest spirit.  Also find someone who brings you joy — someone who will warm your heart with just one look or touch of the hand.  You will know when you find the one who completes you, especially if you ask for God to guide you.  How wonderfully blessed it is to have a Christian spouse!  I pray that you will also know this comfort someday, my son!

You continue to attempt walking on your own.  You’re getting it.  The other day you took five steps by yourself.  Soon enough you will be running everywhere!  Mommy will need all the energy I can get then!

I love you, son!  May God bless you, my child, my joy!

All my love, Mommy