Dear Christian,

Your sleeping is improving (knock on wood).  I pray that it continues to go that way.  I pray that you will be able to sleep through the night soon.  (Although the time we spend in the rocking chair together is precious!  I will cherish that when you are older!)

It’s hard to believe that I’m your mom.  Even thought I’m 28 — sometimes I don’t feel old enough for the responsibility of being a mother.  I pray that I am a wise one!  You are such a miracle — what a true gift from God that you are to us.  I love you, peanut!  Daddy and I call you that at times.  That’s what you looked like when we saw you in the ultrasound pictures for the first time.  Our little peanut!  🙂

Sleep well, my son!  I love you!

All my love, Mommy