My Dear Son,

You are so persistent!  Today you crawled all the way up the steps twice and even down the hall towards your room.  You are amazing!  And definitely wanting to grow-up too fast!  The Lord has blessed us with you and He has made you a very bright boy.  I think you will really wow the grandparents when we see them at Christmas.  You have certainly grown and are learning quickly how to do so many things!

Happy 7 month birthday!  (as of yesterday)  🙂

I’m listening for you over the monitor now.  I had some music playing for you when I was rocking you to sleep tonight, and usually shortly after the music stops, you wake-up.  It’s stopped now, so again tonight I wonder how long I have before you leave the land of slumber and start calling for your “ma ma ma.”

Some nights when I rock you to sleep, I wonder what you will do with your life — who you will grow-up to be, what profession will you have, will you marry, be blessed with children, live near us, etc.  But then I realize just how fast you’re already growing and how in no time I won’t be able to rock you to sleep anymore and you won’t want me to either.  Yes, it’s all part of growing up.  I love you, my son, today and for the rest of my life.  You will always be my baby boy no matter how big you become someday!

I love you and Jesus loves you.  Sleep well tonight, my child!

All my love,  Mommy