Dear Christian,

You survived your 1st Thanksgiving!  You downed your turkey and sweet potatoes so fast and then you wanted to help me with my dinner.  We also found out that you like pumpkin pie and cool whip.  (Pretty much anything that comes from Mommy or Daddy’s plates!)

You continue to amaze me.  You are one smart boy!  You have crawled halfway up the stairs so far with no fear.  And you continue to be convinced that one of these times you will walk across the room by yourself.  I’ll give you points for being persistent, son!  I hope you don’t lose that trait.  It will serve you well in life.  Daddy and I will just have to help you work on your balance for awhile longer — you haven’t quite got that down yet.  Not that I’m pushing!  You’re not even seven months old yet.  It’s just that I don’t want to hold you back, son.  It seems that you long to run!  🙂

We put up the Christmas tree last night.  You seem to like to stare at the colored lights, especially when you are getting sleepy.  You are a joy, my son.  How blessed we are that you are a member of our family.  I am so blessed to be your mother.  🙂

Your stomach reflux still seems to be hanging around.  Your doctor says it should go away before you’re one.  I hope so — for your sake as well as anyone who holds you after you’ve eaten.  It can be quite the mess!  I just want you to be healthy — your little stomach seems so upset sometimes.  I just wish that I could bare that pain for you, my baby!

Daddy and I love you, son, but even more than we could ever love you — Jesus does — trust and remember that always!  That will ease my heart.

Happy Thanksgiving!

All my love,  Mommy