Dearest Christian,

You have had a big week , my son!  Last Tuesday, you pulled yourself up so that you were standing beside the couch.  Friday night, you crawled yourself up onto the first step (the landing).  Saturday, you started cutting not one tooth, but both of your bottom two front teeth.  Tonight, you took your first steps along the furniture and even tried to walk across the room by yourself.  You took one step away from the couch and fell like a tree to the floor — but you’re just so bound and determined to go somewhere all by yourself.  We are so proud of you.  My Baby!  🙂

Tonight there was news that your Great-Grandpa K. may not make it through the night.  He was a good man, had a long life, and was very blessed by God.  It would be another blessing for him if God called him home — Great-Grandpa hasn’t been doing so well for awhile.  I’m glad that you got to meet him in June before his health declined even more.

I can’t wait to be called home to heaven myself!  How wonderful that will be.  I do not fear death, but look forward to going to my Father’s house.  Son, I wish for you to feel that peace, too.  To just know that when you die, heaven will be your home because you are God’s child!

Pleasant dreams, little one!

All my love, Mommy