My Dear Christian,

It’s hard to believe that you turned six months old last weekend.  This past half year has really flown by!  I hear that it only continues to go by faster.  I will have to enjoy every minute I can with you while I can.  🙂

You’ve gotten so big!  You’re wearing 9-12 month clothes already.  Will you be wearing 18 month by Christmas?  We’ll have to see!  As of 5 days ago (at the doctor’s appointment), you were 28″ long and weighed in at 19 pounds.  You’re weight is not keeping up with your height, but the doctor thinks that is because you are mobile now and need more than just milk to sustain you.  We are working on that, but you still spit-up so much that it’s hard for me to know how much food you are actually keeping down.  The doctor tells me not to worry because you are still gaining weight and look very healthy.  As long as you’re healthy, my son!

You are getting so fast with your crawling — I really have to keep an eye on you now!  You are also practicing standing — holding onto the side of your playpen and looking in the mirror.  I think if you continue on this track, by Christmas you may be walking along the furniture.  We will have to see.  All I know is that you are so alert and are always taking in the world around you.  A lady at the grocery store said that means that means that you’re smart, but Daddy and I already knew that.

I love you, my boy.  Sleep well tonight.  🙂

All my love, Mommy