Dearest Christian,

As of last writing your new cousin had yet to be named — he is JJB.  You only have one other cousin at the moment – JKJ and she is 2 — she is finally warming up to the idea of having a cousin.  I wonder if you will have a hard time adjusting to cousins considering we live so far from your aunties and uncles — I guess only time will tell.  🙂

I just want to stress the importance of Jesus, my son.  Trust in him.  He is your Savior — build your foundation on him.  He will never leave you even when all earthly things fall from your hands.  God is your Father.  Let Him hold you in his arms and do not push him away!  I long to know that you will be with him in heaven some day.  I pray that you will never fall away from your God.

I love you!  You are waking now, though you should be sleeping for the night!

All my love, Mommy

P.S.  I hope that some day you will have a child who rolls over during diaper changes so that you, too, can understand just how difficult it is to change a baby who is lying on his belly attempting to crawl away from you.  🙂