Dear Christian,

Today we got the news that your cousin was born.  We are not sure of his name yet, but it made me remember the wonderful day that you were born — just over five months ago!  What a blessing you are to your father and me.  I hope you know how much we wanted you and just how much we love you.  My love for you is like a bottomless well that will never dry up.

I pray that you will have a “long” life with the Lord.  I say “long,” but really as long as you have a life with your heavenly Father your life will be full and blessed.  I guess more so, I wish you a blessed life — knowing your Savior.  That’s all one really needs in life.  The material stuff is all fluff that’s so easy to get caught up in.  I pray that will not stand in your way, son.  I long to see you in heaven some day.

I love you, my dearest son.  You are my first born.  How much undivided attention you get from me!  I hope you realize that your siblings will never have that (if your father and I are blessed with more children in the future).

My baby love, I must try to sleep now before you wake again.  I pray that your teeth break the surface soon.  That should help to eleviate your pain and hopefully you’ll go back to sleeping through the night.  I would appreciate that tremendously.  (In this lack of sleep I have to try to pick words that I can spell correctly.)

You awaken!  I love you.

All my love,  Mommy