My Dearest Son, Christian–

Today you are in your swing dozing away.  I’m sure when you awake you’ll be quite hungry, but until then I write to you.

Your father and I are planning to travel with you on Friday.  We’re driving — you will just turn 8 weeks old as we start our trip.  We hope and pray that you will travel well.  I’m sorry that we live so far away from your grandparents at this time in your life, bu the Lord guided us to be here at this time in our lives.  We will try to get you to see your grandparents whenever we can and in-between those times we will share pictures and stories of them with you and let you listen (and talk) with them on the phone.

One thing to know as you grow and have children of your own someday is to be there for your wife — emotionally, spiritually, and physically, too.  Give her backrubs, footrubs, etc.  Tell her that you love her — that never gets old on the ears.  Understand that somedays she may cry and not be able to tell you the reason why — hold her during those times (if that’s what she desires).  Read the Bible together, or a devotion, or encourage her with a Bible or hymn verse.  This will uplift her spirit and strengthen yours as well.  Never underestimate the power of prayer!  Pray for your wife, your marriage, your children — you can never pray too much.

You flashed open your big blue eyes now.  My writing (but not my thoughts) will cease for now.  ‘Til another day, my son.

All my love,  Mom